About Us

Why is it necessary?

Far too often we read headlines about “Teenager dies during match” and these deaths are avoidable if each youngster taking part in sport is tested before he or she takes up a training programme.

Mission Statement

Scottish H.A.R.T.’s mission is to provide screening and to raise awareness of heart disorders, including cardiomyopathy, and also to provide communities with the capability to instal Public Access Defibrillation to save lives in rural and urban areas by administering on-the-spot help to those suffering cardiac arrest.

Our Aims

The Scottish H.A.R.T. aim is accomplished by providing the means to have professional screening carried out at centres including the medical unit at Hampden Park, Glasgow and at other centres throughout Scotland and also to have the teams there carry out field surveys/screening programmes in association with health boards and sports associations, at local sports centres to identify Cardiomyopathy and other heart disorders.

Creating public awareness and medical awareness of Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Supporting the means to test and identify sufferers of the disease and offer advice along with the medical professions on how to best control it while helping to promote the advancement of a cure through increased research into all heart diseases.

To promote and encourage the distribution of AEDs to communities, rural areas, urban areas, sports centres and the like and to ensure that PAD Schemes (public access defibrillation) are set up and members trained to use the technology to save lives even before the professional emergency services personnel arrive on site.

Accountants and Solicitors

Scottish H.A.R.T. works with Alison Gray, C.A. Tel. 01750 22233; and Iain Smith & Partners WS, 01896 752231.

Donations to Scottish H.A.R.T. at the address P.O. Box 14123, Selkirk, TD7 4YA